Improvement Objectives

Military Golf needs our help! Overall, their requirement to be entirely self-sufficient has led to deteriorated playing conditions, significantly aged facilities & equipment, and a general lack of visual representation equal to the selfless service of our service men and women in uniform.

Our goal is to provide a $1-million infusion to each stateside and abroad military golf facility. This will help us increase the accessibility of the courses for our wounded and aging veterans, reduce the maintenance cost of the golf facilities by introducing modernized practices and equipment, and increasing the overall visual enjoyment of the courses. These are just some of the specific benefits from the upgrades we plan on making.

At Operation Support Military Golf, we have divided our improvement objectives into two main categories: Golf Course and Other Infrastructure. Through our fundraising and implementation, we aim to make vast military golf course upgrades in the following areas:

I. Golf Course Evaluation & Needs Assessment

  1. Individual Hole Evaluation
    (Accessories, Turf & Hazard Conditions, Irrigation, Aesthetics, Etc.)
  2. Restroom Facilities
  3. Non-Hole Specific
    (Accessories, Irrigation, Aesthetics, Etc.)
  4. Overall accessibility for ageing and wounded veterans

II. Additional Evaluation & Needs Assessment

  1. Automobile Entries & Parking Area
  2. Clubhouse
  3. Driving Range
  4. Short Game Facility
  5. Equipment
    (Motorized & Pull Carts, Rental Clubs, Maintenance, Etc.)
  6. Overall accessibility for ageing and wounded veterans

Out of respect for all those who work and play on military golf courses, doing the best they can with the resources they have, OSMG chooses not to label pictures until we have, are, or in the queue to provide assistance to the photographed facility.

Contact us to learn more about where your donations are being spent and how they improve the recreational facilities for our troops and their families.