Who We Serve

Enhancing the morale, welfare, and recreation (MWR) experience of our military community is key to Operation Support Military Golf. That is why we are working to raise funds to provide the much needed, major upgrades to both stateside and overseas military golf facilities. With your support we are able to enhance the well-being of our entire military community, including:

Active Duty & Reservist

Soldier silhouettes

Military golf provides them a means of R&R and unit bonding.

Medically Retired (aka, Wounded Warriors)

Solider playing golf

Military golf provides them a positive outlet for rehab and life adjustments.

Retired Veterans

Veteran playing golf

Military golf provides them a thank you after an honorable service career.

Future Generations of Service-Members

Solider holding his son

Military golf provides recruiters another positive asset in the recruiting process.

Families of all the above


Military golf provides active duty service members the knowledge that their dependents have a safe environment to learn and play a game that teaches positive, life-long lessons, such as the values of integrity and tradition. This is especially important during deployments or as a means of reintegration upon their return.

Contact us with any questions you have about who we serve and how.